It is Friday, 5pm in Los Angeles. From the window of my two-story building the eight-lane 101 freeway gleams with misattributed grandeur. The perennial blue of distant sky-reflecting buildings fades, and Downtown Los Angeles descends into a mild 63°F darkness

In 1890 cyclists across the country posed proudly with their bicycles. In doing so they declared a kind of independence and embrace of technology that enabled freedom, whilst reinforcing their identity as modern and forward-thinking. Over a century later, Biomega, the Copenhagen-based designer bicycle brand, evokes the same ethos in its riders.

It is easy to be overwhelmed by the far reaching diameter of Los Angeles. From the outskirts it seems brash and unbecoming, but beneath it is a host of inspiring individuals and endeavours. We asked six designers who participated in our current exhibition, Sight Unseen: Site Specific/L.A, to decipher LA by sharing their favorite local spots.